Sisterlock Adoration: Finding True Hair Freedom

This blog mostly follows my hair transition to Sisterlocks(TM), but it also gives me an outlet for my occasional social commentary. I always look forward to hearing from you about my hair or my diatribes. Thanks for visiting! ***BTW- Please do not copy my pictures without permission.***

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Sisterlock Friend!

Like Oprah, I have a list of favorite things. A few of them include the smell of my almost three-month-old baby boy Syeed, traveling to other countries, and the look of my hubby in a suit. However, one of my other favorite things is the feeling I get everytime I meet fellow sisterlocked women or hear that someone has been newly sisterlocked! As a result, I've made it my mission to introduce as many of these folks as possible on my blog. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce the lovely Ms. Meiah Barlow.

Meiah was sisterlocked on October 7, 2009, in Austin by Greg Day. She was inspired to join the sisterlocks family because of the beauty of sisterlocks. "I love all locs but what attracted me to sisterlocks is the micro size and versatility. I had been completely natural for a year. I had tried almost every braided hair style and wore an afro. My 4b hair is so course and dense that I knew that wearing locs was the best decision. I started out with traditional locs and about 8 months into them, I heard about sisterlocks. I researched and came across the Videolocktician on Youtube & blogs such as yours, Brunsli, Creyole and Blaqkofi to name a few. After a few weeks of reading blogs I got so inspired and excited that I decided to get Sisterlocks," Meiah notes.

Meiah has a twin sister who is also sisterlocked. Awesome! I'm still working on my twin sister :0).

Meiah says for her, the best thing about being a part of the Sisterlock family is the sisterhood. "We are all spiritually connected as we all have embraced our natural hair the way God intended it to be: no combs, no chemicals. To accept who you are as beautifully and wonderfully made by God, that is a spritual thing. So wearing Sisterlocks, one knows the journey and the benefits of this lifestyle of freedom," explains Meiah.

Ya'll give Meiah and her beautiful locks some love.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rachel's Sisterlock Update

I just wanted to add a few new photos taken these afternoon. 4 years sisterlocked!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm so glad to have something to blog about!

Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair

Okay Ladies,

It's been forever and a day; however, I finally have something worthy of blogging about. I came across this little ditty during a bout of insomnia in the wee hours of this morning. I'm now at 7 months pregnant and prone to emotional outbursts, but this video brought tears of joy and pride.

It's amazing how a little acknowledgement from Mainstream America about such a touchy issue in the sisterhood can make me feel. I've always loved Sesame Street's willingness to address issues of diversity, but this will ensure that Sesame Street and it's home, Public Television, will receive a generous charitable contribution from me this year. If you agree, put your money where your mouth is and help to continue this wonderful programming.

Miss you guys!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sisterlocks~Natural Awakenings: The True Cost of Sisterlocks ~ A Blaq Perspective

Sisterlocks~Natural Awakenings: The True Cost of Sisterlocks ~ A Blaq Perspective

I absolutely love Blaq's perspective about the true cost of sisterlocks. Well said indeed!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sisterlock Event

Hi Everyone,

I attended the Platinum Grits event with Sisterlock creator, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell yesterday morning. The event was a lecture/book signing hosted by a wonderful grassroots women's network. It was nice to finally meet Dr. Cornwell personally and get to know the Dallas Sisterlock community a little more. The event had a great turnout.

The agenda included a viewing of Dr. Cornwell's response to Chris Rock's Good Hair. Dr. Cornwell completed a short lecture and then opened the floor to Q&A. I was really impressed by the intellect of the sisterlock community. I learned a great deal more about the politization and socialization of black hair.

During the Q&A, I stood up and introduced myself, noting that I'd been sisterlocked for 31/2years and that despite the fact that I love my hair to death, sometimes I found myself in the little bit of a rut, and given how long Dr. Cornwell had had sisterlocks, she'd probably experienced a similiar feeling at points during her journey.

To my dismay, she completely disagreed, saying that she NEVER ever got into a hair rut. She emphatically expressed that she never tires of her hair and didn't feel that the maintenance is cumbersome at all. She also noted that both me and my hair were lovely, and suggested that I look into color, cut or new styles.

I realized that perhaps I didn't effectively communicate what I meant. I guess I was just wanting to feel that it's ok to LOVE your locks but not like everything about the day-to-day maintenenceof the sisterlock lifestyle.

I mean the woman has like 4 feet of hair. That has to be a bit cumbersome to wash and retighten. Otherwise, Dr. Cornwell must have lots more free time than I do, or if not, she needs to at least share her easy hair maintenance secrets...Perhaps she just felt inclined to tow the company line...

What do you think ladies?

Overall, I loved the event and look forward to the start of formalized Sisterlock chapters as mentioned by Dr. Cornwell.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi everyone! Long time no talk! I hope everyone is doing well. My sisterlocks are still the best things since sliced bread. They're getting really long, which is a little bit of a issue for me as I don't really like the idea of having long hair.

I'll take some pictures and post them after my next retightening.

Listen, about a year ago I introduced a new member of the sisterlock family. Her name is Brandy, and a year later her locks look fantastic. She recently started a blog, so I thought I'd let the folks who follow my blog know about it.

Also, I wanted to note that I rarely blog anymore, but I do update my facebook page with photos pretty regularly. Please feel free to request me as a friend. I'm listed under Rachel Roberts-Pickett.

I hope you all are doing well.

Finally, don't forget to check out Brandy's page when you can!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Burgeoning Sisterlock Consultant

Here's my 3-year old niece "doing my hair!"