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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Embarassing White Flakes That Won't Wash out



Thanks so much! You always come through for me. I didn't think it really looked exactly like dandruff, but I just couldn't figure it out. It is about time for a grooming, since it been about more than 2 1/2 years since I've locked, and I've never had a grooming I'm going to try that. I'll also try the Listerine Ms. Sunshine Sisterlocks. Ms. Detra, thanks for feeling my pain. LOL!

Here's a few of your thoughts that seem to make sense:

Anonymous said...
By looking at the pictures it does not appear to be looks more like, I'll call them "hair roots" because I don't know the correct term but I'll try to describe it as best as I can because I experience the same thing. If it is "hair roots" it comes from your hair being retightened and sometimes when my loctitician retighens my hair she pulls hair out from the root and it stays tangled in the hair. What I do to combat this problem if it really starts to annoy me is I will use needle nose tweezers to prcisely grab hold of the "white root" and pull it and it slides right out...

Sunsail said...
Oh! Those aren't flakes. Those are your hair follicles! When you naturally shed hair, instead of falling out when being combed or brushed, the hair is enmeshed in your lock. I've heard that grooming helps. There's also hair dy to cover it up.

Hi All-

I love the Sisterlocks community because I always feel comfortable sharing things even if they are really embarassing. I wash my hair once a week (sometimes twice depending on my workout during the week)as recommended by my sisterlock consultant. However, during the winter, I get a horribly dry scalp that results in flakes that I can't wash out of my locks no matter how many times I wash. I've try all kind of dandruff shampoo and even purchased the sisterlock new dry scalp moisture spray. Just to be clear, I wash very vigorously squeezing shampoo through each lock. It does not really help, and I hate the thought of my hair appearing as if it's dirty. I'm attaching some photos taken right after a wash. You have to look close to see the flakes, but you certainly SEE them...


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