Sisterlock Adoration: Finding True Hair Freedom

This blog mostly follows my hair transition to Sisterlocks(TM), but it also gives me an outlet for my occasional social commentary. I always look forward to hearing from you about my hair or my diatribes. Thanks for visiting! ***BTW- Please do not copy my pictures without permission.***

Monday, October 16, 2006

I Cannot Even Express How Wonderful the DFW SL Gathering Was on Sunday!

I had the most awesome time ever on Sunday at the Sisterlock brunch held at the Cheesecake Factory! Finally, I was able to meet all the SL'ed women from the DFW area, and let me just say they did not disappoint. Everyone was just as beautiful and elegant as I thought they'd be. And the glorious locs... It was truly something to behold! I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't even really take photos. Therefore, I'm going to rely on Ms. Maryee to represent with her images because she took a billion photos (click on her name to go to her blog).

Speaking of Ms. Maryee. During the course of the brunch, she interviewed each lady about her SL experience. When she asked to interview me, I gladly accepted. So I'm standing there and she's standing there holding this tiny camera. I'm smiling waiting for her to snap a photo (cheesing EXTRA hard). Finally she says with a smirk that I can start talking any time. LOL! Why was that tiny camera a camcorder as well? I was totally clueless and totally embarassed! All that time I'd been standing there cheesing like a cheshire cat (or chessie cat as my Grandma would say), she was recording! LOL! LOL! The wonderment of new technology...I really need to get a clue!

But I digress. As if the brunch wasn't fab enough, afterwards we went over to NorthPark MAll for an impromptu photoshoot. Let me just tell you, we were beyond divaish (yes I made up that word). Everyone was stopping to figure out who we were. I believe our witty, soon to be attorney, Brunsli told one gentleman we were a group of black female Republicans, while our designated photographer(LaChanda's cute young niece with lots of Louisiana flava) told folks we were with Oprah. I have to say I cringed at both... but nevertheless it was TONS of FUN! I hated to leave at 3:00 p.m., even though the brunch had started at 11 a.m.