Sisterlock Adoration: Finding True Hair Freedom

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Middle-Schoolers Give Election 'Rap'-Up With Hip-Hop Flair

This is the cutest thing ever...

Happy Election Day! GO OBAMA/BIDEN!

Since I travel so much for work, I voted by absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago. Although I would hate standing in line for upwards of 2-5 hours to personally cast a ballot, I must admit that voting by mail certainly takes away the excitement of being a part of the electoral process. There's nothing like standing in line wondering/guessing about the political affiliation of the person standing in front or behind you. I feel particularly slighted given the historic nature of this election. Oh well...Such is life and despite all, my vote still counts, which is more than I can say for those of you who voted for McCain. That's especially for you Landon Densley(LOL)! OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!